Mindless Philosophy Word Search Answers, And Questions

So a few weeks ago I posted a blog about the statistics of my site, and talked about the various strange search terms that have lead readers to my blog.  I then created a fun little word search that incorporated those same strange search terms and unleashed it upon you the readers as a cute little reward for your loyal readership.  In case you missed that particular post here’s a LINK.

Well as it turns out there was more to that randomly generated word search than I suspected, something ominous and enigmatic.

A friend of mine, whom we shall call “Jason Lemmon”, worked tirelessly, over several hours, possibly even days to solve this puzzle.  During that time Jason was struck by a moment of clarity reminiscent of A Beautiful Mind and he stumbled upon secret answers spelled out amongst the jumble of letters.  Mingled amongst the answers I provided like Smurf Porn and Anal Hook were words and phrases that I had no prior knowledge of, and never intended to be part of the search.  You might say they were secret messages, embedded amongst my innocent carefree word search!  How could this be?  Divine intervention?  Reality altering powers from beyond our dimension?  Some strange occult connection between the free puzzle making site I used to put the word search together and a deeper mystic prophesy that encroaches like a darkened storm cloud?  Or was it perhaps just blind chance?  There is no way of knowing.

I do know one thing, these secret messages create a whole new mystery not only for me, but now for you too.  You’ve read this post, you are now a part of this just as much as I am, and together we must unravel the mystery of the word search messages!  Take a look below to see the product of my friend Jason’s efforts, and let the investigation begin!

I think we can safely say that the first sign of the apocalypse will be when Pixar makes a movie called “Egg of Sin“, right?  We can all agree that that’s what the first message means, correct?  Beyond that, the meaning of the rest eludes me.  Your thoughts?

That is all!

Anal Hook: The Road To Mindless Philosophy

So let’s do a little meta-blogging shall we?  I have enjoyed playing around with the statistical instruments that Word Press provides for all their blogs and I’ve especially been interested in what sources lead people to my writing.  As far as websites that lead people here, there are of course the usual suspects of Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  What’s even more interesting is that I can see the exact search terms typed which have lead people to my site!  This has turned up quite a mixed bag of phrases, some that were surprising, many which were to be expected, and a few that were just plain disturbing.  Also there were a great many that were misspelled, which can be amusing.  I’ll spare you from the entire list of search terms, which is fairly extensive, and just share with you those terms that I thought were the most amusing.  So here we are, take a look at some of the actual words that have guided people through the winding roads of the internet right to my blog!

Anal Hook  (I have no idea. . . . )

Kid Chameleon

Star Wars Booster Seat

Puggle Strength (I assume this is similar to retard strength)

Mindless Behavior Photos

Natalie Portman Sleeping  (Creepy)

Smurf XXX comics  (Why?)

Why Does Pressing On Upper Nostrils Feel Good

Dead Baby Jokes

Smurf Yourself  (52 people have found my site with this)

Babylon 5 CCG Rulings  (51 people have found it with this)


So there you go.  Some of these I understand, some I don’t, and some just make me wonder what kind of people are reading this.  Clearly stalkers and perverts are enjoying Mindless Philosophy, guess I’ve found my niche!  Hurray!

Anyway as a special little treat for all you loyal readers out there I’ve made a little Mindless Philosophy Search Terms Word Search for all of you to copy and print out at home!  Take a look below, the key follows!  Enjoy!

Click to enlarge! Then copy the image and print it out at home!

Find the following terms!

Anal Hook


Behavior Photos



Booster Seat


Dead Baby Jokes


Friday Funny Pages


Kid Chameleon


Natalie Portman



Puggle Strength


Smurf Porn

Star Wars


Word Press


This post will probably just make the search terms even more erratic now that I’ve actually written these things, but it should keep things interesting if nothing else!

That is all!