Can You Identify These Toys?

     A few blogs back I mentioned that I have a couple of toys from my childhood that I simply have no idea what they are or even where they came from, well I’ve found them.  Below are some pictures of the mysterious toys in question.  The first is a pair of small animalistic alien creatures wearing space suits.  Initially I thought they were just Battle Beast rip offs, but they appear to be pilots of some type of vehicles.  They have articulated knees so it would seem that they at least had something to sit on, that’s my guess anyway.  The other toy in question I’m sure was some kind of pilot.  It’s a tiny little figure, a human in a space suit but the intriguing thing is he has magnets inset in his boots which I assume would be used for clinging to whatever vehicle he was a part of.  There are some symbols painted on his space suit and I’ve tried to capture those in the photos.

     Take a look at the pictures below and if anyone reading this has any idea what the hell these are leave me a comment pointing me in the right direction.  I’d just like to know what exactly these things are that were loitering around my bedroom with my Ninja Turtles and Masters of the Universe crews.  I’ve got a gently used one dollar bill in my wallet for the individual who can correctly identify all three of these bad boys!  (That is as long as you live within the local area and would be willing to come and pick up your dollar, it seems like kind of a waste to spend half a dollar to mail a dollar somewhere.  Of course driving these days is just as bad what with gas prices being what they are, you’d spend at least a dollar just to drive and pick up your dollar, and that doesn’t make sense.  I suppose this is just a symptom of the deflated dollar value and our current economic situation in general huh?  Really makes you think doesn’ it?)

     You know what, forget the dollar prize for a correct answer, instead if you can correctly identify these toys you’ll receive my undying gratitude for a job well done, sound good?  

So an ant and a hammerhead shark walk into a bar . . . .


The backside of the Ant/Hammerhead Shark aliens. What are these?


The mysterious tiny space man


Side shot of the tiny space man, notice the markings


Overhead shot, more markings on his helmet.