B5 Alive: Babylon 5 From Across The Web

As some of you may know I have taken up a continuing mission to revive general interest in the science fiction series Babylon 5.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything about this epic political space opera and I felt that it was time that I share some of the B5 resources that I’ve been enjoying as of late.  To my delight I’ve found that there are quite a few active fan sites out among the interwebs and with the recent inclusion of the entire series on Netflix, interest seems to be at a renewed peak.

So without further ado here are a few links that any Babylon 5 fan should make themselves familiar with! (click the bold titles for the links!)

The Babylon Project

The Babylon Project is the definitive Babylon 5 wiki and a good starting point for new B5 fans who are curious to learn more, and it is a nice resource for old school Babylonians who want to delve deeper into some of their favorite episodes, characters, and behind the scenes information.  I will warn the newcomers though, to be weary of spoilers.  Don’t read too far ahead or you may find yourself discovering too much about the eventual fates of some of the characters.  With the shows continual story arc, and nearly every episode containing some snippet of important information that will come up again down the road it can be difficult to avoid spoilers.  I would suggest watching the show and occasionally checking out the articles about individual episodes you’ve seen in order to help flesh out more of the story and perhaps explain things that may have been confusing.  It’s also a good way to learn about the cast, especially the recurring troupe of actors who portray the various bit parts and Non-Aligned alien ambassadors.  I’m actually an editor now of this wiki, look me up I’m NarcN’Grath.

The Babylon 5 Facebook Project

How do I go about explaining what the Babylon 5 Facebook Project is?  Well, I don’t really know.  From what I understand it is a small group of Babylon 5 fans who have congregated on Facebook and created and run various pages for the main cast of characters from the show.  What it boils down to is that these folks role play back and forth recreating various moments from the show in status form on Facebook.  They also interact with anyone who “likes” them and writes on their page.  The banter between the characters can be pretty amusing and reading some of the responses they come up with to fan questions would make J. Michael Straczynski himself second guess whether or not he wrote the words.  Also on Facebook is my Commander Sinclair page, seen HERE, because frankly I think Sinclair doesn’t get enough respect.  Although, Commander Sinclair is not officially part of the Babylon 5 Facebook Project since they’ve “moved on” to seasons two and three.  I digress however.  The best part of the B5FBP is their main page (to which the above link leads) where many of the characters congregate and the various contributors and fans post links to various geeky B5 media and information.  If you’re on Facebook and a Babylon 5 fan, it’s worth taking a look.

The Babylon 5 CCG Group

Ok this one is a little more specific.  Are you a Babylon 5 fan?  Do you like collectible card games?  Were you a former player of the Babylon 5 CCG?  Well then this page is definitely for you!  Also on Facebook, this is an open group page that has really taken off as of late and has revived interest in the game (at least among the group members.)  There is regular activity, rules discussions, deck building suggestions, and networking to find other local players.  All of that AND there are several of the games original designers involved in the group as well such as Kevin Tewart.  There are also links to fan made sets and cards that have been painstakingly worked on to recreate the mechanics and look of the original design.  If you played the game in the past or might be thinking of taking it up this group is full of helpful players and resources that can help you get back into it.

Babylon 5 News (@B5News)

I didn’t really get the point of Twitter at first.  I still don’t think it’s all that useful unless you have something worthwhile to promote or discuss.  However I did have an epiphany recently that dealt with B5 News on Twitter.  My Twitter posts are generally just me promoting these blog posts (follow me! @PeculiarWits) or making casual observations.  But I made one post asking if a particular set of Babylon 5 bobblehead figures were ever available for sale.  In that post I mentioned @B5News, which I follow, thinking that if anyone would know about such a thing it would be them.  Well my Tweet was Re-Tweeted by B5 News to all of their followers asking if anyone might know the answer.  Well the answer was no, the figures were just a fan made one and done art project and they were never mass produced.  The epiphany came however when actress Patricia Tallman of B5 fame mentioned me in particular in one of her Tweets after she saw the B5News Tweet.  The point of Twitter, I suppose, is that it is a much more intimate and condensed sharing of information compared to other social media like Facebook.  “Following” people on Twitter is a symbiotic relationship where if you don’t have anyone following you there’s really no point in being on Twitter and when you follow others you are also connected to the things that they follow and the bits of information that they re-tweet.  Anyway, enough about that!  Although there is obviously not amazing daily tweets about Babylon 5 on Twitter these days, when there is any kind of B5 news it will show up on your feed and many of the big names who were involved in the show contribute to and follow B5 News so it’s worth the follow right there.

Fuck Yeah Babylon 5

Fuck Yeah Babylon 5 is a Tumbler blog that can best be described simply as a collection of awesome.  If you are a Babylon 5 fan of any degree you really should be familiar with this.  Internet memes, fan art, outtakes, behind the scenes images, rare media, obscure crew blogs, and tons of other Babylon 5 stuff.  Fuck Yeah Babylon 5 is a masterpiece of geek culture.  The best part is that the blog is broken down even further into pages for various characters from the show filled with specific content for those characters, such as Fuck Yeah Londo Mollari, Fuck Yeah Citizen G’Kar, Fuck Yeah Delenn, and several others.  There’s really not much more I can say about it, it’s just one of those things you have to go and explore for yourself.  I will however leave you with a few of my favorite things I’ve found from their site!  Enjoy.

That is all!