A Couple of my New Favorite Comedians

These past few months I have discovered a couple new comedians, well new to me anyway. Being home as much as I have been recently has given me the chance to explore a media outlet that I am oft to avoid, the television. I of course watch TV but I generally only watch the shows the wife and I record. Outside of those shows I only watch a few minutes at a time while I’m sitting down for breakfast or lunch. I prefer to spend my time doing something, such as playing video games, reading, writing, organizing my magic cards, or putting together a team for my next game of HeroClix. You know, productive activities. However I have recently taken some time to catch up on some shows I have been putting off. Shows that I enjoy, but don’t feel the need to record regularly. Two such shows are Top Gear and the Graham Norton show, both on BBC America, a channel I would watch more of if their daytime schedule didn’t consist entirely of the thrice damned Gordon Ramsey shows. Anyway all that aside, on both Top Gear and Graham Norton I have caught appearances by british comedian Bill Bailey. Bill has acquired my fandom due to his use of music, most often piano, and his general geekiness. Bill Bailey regularly talks about his love of Star Wars and Dr. Who in his act and in various interviews. Some might not like his comedy but I always show some appreciation for fellow sci-fi geeks! The clip I have below doesn’t actually involve his musical aspects, but does showcase his literary nerd side with a funny Chaucer-esque ballad. Also if you get a chance try and catch one of his interviews, he’s a funny dude in his one-on-one conversations.

Another comedian that has caught my eye, and ear, is Reggie Watts. Both of these comedians music in common, and incoroporate it heavily into their acts. Reggie Watts has made a couple of appearances on Conan O’Brien’s new show (which by the way I have not missed an episode of, viva la Conana) and he is fantastic. Both hilarious and musically talented Reggie Watts is just a genius, he’s hard to explain, which is why I also have a clip of him from his most recent Conan appearance. Reggie Watts uses a combination of instruments and recording/DJ equipment . . . things to achieve his complex effects. (I’m no music expert I don’t know what the stuff is called.) Anyway take a look at them both and have a laugh this weekend, and perhaps research them further if you are so inclined!

That is all! (Except watch the below videos, to fully understand what I was talking about above, there, now that is all.)