Friday Funny Pages: They Grow Up So Fast

     More from the Marvel/DC Crossover Classics!  Today we get a sampling from the X-Men/Teen Titans team-up.  Written by Chris Claremont with art by Walter Simonson, this tale had a hell of a creative match up as well.  There was a great deal going on in this story, Deathstroke of course makes an appearance, and there’s a great X-Men training scene in the Danger Room, but the main gist of the story revolves around an epicly cosmic pairing of Darkseid and Dark Phoenix armed with a plan to conquer the entire universe!  With such massively powerful supervillains working together you’d think the various comic universes would send their heaviest hitters like Superman and Thor or at the very least Green Lantern and the Fantastic Four, but no.  Instead DC/Marvel send in the angsty teen squads to clean up this mess!

     There really isn’t anything inherently funny in this full-page spread.  Here we have the moment when the Teen Titans and the X-Men officially join forces, we see the two leaders, Cyclops and Robin, of course hashing it out with a handshake, while the other heroes have a few individual moments.  What I do find funny is that looking back at this page, nowadays none of these characters are portrayed as kids anymore.  For the most part all of these heroes have taken their rightful place in the pantheons of Marvel and DC and sadly many of them have been relegated to teachering positions, instructing their hipper, younger, and even angstier team replacements.  Of course some of them have gone on to do other things, Storm and Nightcrawler occasionally manage to get away from the X-Mansion, and Dick Grayson and Cyborg are now brushing shoulders with the big guys. 

     Basically I’d like a huge framed print of this, with no dialogue, to hang at the entrance of my house.  That way people would walk into my home and the first thing that would catch their eye would be the Teen Titans shaking hands with the X-men on a giant asteroid in the middle of an insane cosmic weirdscape.  I think that would really get some good conversations started, don’t you?

That is all!