My Days As A (Failed) Comic Book Writer

During highschool and college I drew a rinky dink comic strip called “Freak Squad” which had a few appearances in my highschool paper, and which made a regular showing in my college paper.  They weren’t ever really that good, it is surprisingly hard to write a 3 or 6 panel comic strip and make it funny.  There’s a lot of pressure in those limited spaces to establish a premise and get to some sort of punchline or hilarity.  That is why I have so much respect for folks who can put them together successfully with both art and humor.  Like Jason Adams over at Rogue’s Galley, like I said before he’s got some good stuff.

I did however write a few 8 and 10 page comic books featuring the characters of Freak Squad that I think worked a bit better than the strips.  I prefer the long jokes, or the running gags when it comes to these characters and that just doesn’t work as well in strip form.  Although I guess I could do serialized style, like the Superman and Spider-Man comic strips from the newspaper.  But then people would just lose interest and never make it to the jokes.  ANYWAY I came across an old, unfinished Freak Squad comic and decided to finish it today.  I didn’t get it completely done, it’s been awhile I used to really be able to crank them out in college, but I present you with a few panels of what I did get done.  Enjoy!  And remember I’m no stellar artist!  And if anyone would like to know more about the complex and detailed universe of the Freak Squad please ask, I would love to go on and on about this fictional poorly drawn universe I’ve created!