Friday Funny Pages: Don’t F#%K With Superman!

Superman.  He’ll rape ya.

As you can clearly see today’s Friday Funny Pages comes to us from Action Comics #457 the cover of which apparently shows Superman about to commit some sort of unspeakable act.  To be fair however there are some dialogue bubbles shown on the original cover (which have been blacked out here) that explain that this young boys dying wish was to know the secret identity of Superman, only to be extremely disappointed to find out he is just Clark Kent.  Regardless, there could have been a less creepy way of portraying it on the cover.

This now infamous cover is already familiar to many comic book fans who have had a good chuckle over the years from this awkward, and slightly uncomfortable, depiction of the man of steel.  About the only thing that could make this cover more disturbing would be to have Batman in the corner with a camera documenting the occasion.

Yikes.  Too far?  Perhaps.  I think I’ll stop there and just let you soak in this lovely image of Superman on boy action!  Enjoy!

That is all!