Friday Funny Pages Archives

I’ve decided that it’s high time I compile a list of all the Friday Funny Pages that I’ve posted here on Mindless Philosophy.  I’ve written enough of the things, might as well put them all in one place.  Below you will see the titles from all the previous weeks which link to the individual blog posts.  So sit back, relax, and take a moment to once more unlock the comic book ridiculousness which I have prepared for you!


Dead Baby Jokes

Of Course

You Look Faaaabulous!

The Words You Thought You’d Never Read

Nick Fury’s Favorite Shirt

Do You Even Need To Ask?

Spider-Man VS Superman

It’s Funny Because It’s True

They Grow Up So Fast

Super Doom

Has Anyone Seen Dr. Doom?

Tears Of Doom

Go Smurfing Smurf Yourself In The Smurf

Yoda Spit Take

Friday Sad Pages

The Horror!

This Is Why The Fantastic Four Movies Sucked

Don’t F#%K With Shockwave!

Don’t F#%K With Dr. Calvin Zabo!

Don’t F#%K With Breakfast!

Don’t F#%K With Superman!

Dazzler’s Daddy Issues

The Party Was Over

Phantom Limb Syndrome

Mighty Marvel Meatloaf Marching Band

Mommy, Why Is Santa Claus Drunk?

Agent Of Badassery

Hulk Smash High Prices

Wisdom From Howard The Duck

Stake ‘Em With Mjolnir!

Mother’s Melting Head


Halloween Night Special Edition

When You Gotta Go . . .

Watch Your Mouth Red

What Is Going On Here?

I Was Wondering Where They Got To

A Woman, A Swamp Monster, And A Wizard Walk Into A Bar . . . .

Perseus Was Doing It Wrong

I Want To Prepare For War!

Return of Friday Funny Pages!

Friday Funny Pages: Can I Touch It?

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