The News That Doesn’t Suck: November 2018



On this episode of TRIO SIMPATICO we’ve got another segment of our NEWS THAT DOESN’T SUCK with very special guest TYLER BUCKS from the Chatter Squadron podcast!

Unfortunately the news recently has been dominated by a lot of headlines that truly suck.  Among other things the back-to-back deaths of comic book legend Stan Lee and 2001: A Space Odyssey alum Douglas Rain, which have really struck low a large portion of geekdom worldwide.

So, in lieu of other episode ideas that were in the works, co-hosts Joshua and David decided it would be a good time to share some happier headlines with the TRIO SIMPATICO listeners!  Thankfully guest Tyler Bucks agreed and added some genuine positivity to the show!

This one is packed to the gills folks!  We’re discussing Star Wars, She-Ra, Comics, Detective Pikachu, Stranger Things, books, we have a new sponsor for the show and MORE!  Click HERE to listen now!

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