Friday Funny Pages: Hulk Smash High Prices

Ok folks here it is, the last in my series of comic book ads and I think this one is perhaps my favorite.  In another bit of olden days comic book jackanapery, we have the Incredible Hulk, supposedly at home, taking a moment to inform us about the inevitable rise in comic book prices.  Alas ol’ Jade Jaws has some positive news, he’s gonna cut us a deal on our subscription rate.  Thanks Hulkster!

Yes there isn’t really much more to say about this that I haven’t already said recently.  As with the Iron Man ad from a couple of weeks ago (seen HERE)  we get to see how depressingly cheap it was to buy comic books and we understand that it was once relatively easy to purchase a heaping stack of comics every Wednesday.  Not anymore however.  That’s the real motivation for me to get my novel published, so that I can have some small amount of extra income handy in order to get back into the swing of weekly comics!

Anywho, please enjoy this Masterpiece Theater inspired image of the Hulk and if anyone out there has a silk screening contraption handy please make me a t-shirt with this image of the Hulk on the front, with the phrase “Be Elite! (It’s Neat!)” on the back.  Now I am away!  The weather is dreary, my mind is full of ideas, and my body lacks the energetic motivation for further activity.

That is all!

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