Friday Funny Pages: Agent Of Badassery

I’m pretty sure Nick Fury has a check list for when he gets ready in the morning, and I believe it goes something like this:

Group of paramilitary badasses standing around looking like badasses – Check.

Badass guns and ammo littering every flat surface – Check.

Hand written notes from the president at the top of your badass to-do list – Check.

Top secret confidential documents casually strewn about the office because you have no worries since you’re a badass – Check.

A fresh cigar to clench between your teeth as you sock Baron Strucker in the jaw, like a badass – Check.


Yes friends here is yet another ad in my series of FFP comic book advertisements, this one is actually an ad for another comic.  Coming to us from 1988 this promotion for an upcoming (and now defunct) S.H.I.E.L.D. title really caught my eye (no pun intended).  I really like the use of the photography, but I find it kind of amusing that among all the realism of the ad there is a black and white drawing of Nick Fury and his agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  It perhaps would have worked better if they’d just left that part out, and had an eye patch laying on the table, maybe a cigar in an ash tray or something along those lines.  What do I know though?  I’m no marketing exec.

I’ve never read anything from this particular Nick Fury run but from what I understand this is the era where the Life Model Decoys (really good espionage robot impersonators, for all you uninitiated) really came into their own.  Of course LMDs had been a concept of the S.H.I.E.L.D. comics since the 1960’s but they seem to have really risen to prominence in this series where, from what I understand, just about everyone around Fury seemed to end up being a Life Model Decoy replacement at some point or another.  This type of story telling really shouldn’t be surprising coming from Bob Harras who was one of the executive editors on the Spider-Man Clone Saga storyline.  To be fair though those types of comic book arcs can be really interesting in retrospect when you look at the amount of storytelling that comes out of such projects.

Sure there were some Nick Fury retcons down the road to unravel the outcome of this particular series, but that retconning lead to the revival of Baron Strucker and a more powerful HYDRA and has brought about some really excellent and clever uses of LMDs in modern comics.  So sometimes writers try too hard, get too many hands in the pot, and stretch their storylines a little too far, but you know what?  For the most part it usually works out in the end.  Perhaps as it’s happening some writers may take some heat, but who knows?  Down the road they could be heralded for those same “mistakes” and become a catalyst for future comic book events.  You never know.


That is all!



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