Friday Funny Pages: Phantom Limb Syndrome

. . . . but his leg simply vaporizes in the attempt!


So apparently I’m still catching up from that time warp I was caught up in last week because somehow Friday sneaked right past me!  Today is Monday, who knew?  Oh well here’s another Friday Funny Pages, better late then never right?

Today’s image comes from a Spider-Man comic the specifics of which I have totally forgotten.  What I do remember is that this kid was tied up in a chair and good ol’ Spidey was on his way to rescue him.  The little rascal however worked his restraints loose and tipped his chair over freeing himself but took a bad spill in the process.  Now by the looks of this panel it appears that the kid ripped his whole damned leg off, earlier when he was sitting in the chair he clearly had two limbs attached to his hips but here it seems one has just mysteriously vanished.

This is obviously just an awkwardly drawn image, and later on in the issue Danny has both his legs again, I just thought it was amusing that he takes a bad tumble, hurts his leg, and in the panel it appears that his leg is completely missing.  Maybe it’s just me, but I found it pretty funny.

What’s that you say?  You think I’ve had funnier panels?  Well that might be, but you can shut the hell up!  If you were nonplussed by this Friday (Monday) Funny Pages, well have no fear I have some upcoming goodies in store that are manifest hilarity!  I’ve gathered together some classic comic book ads that are sure to amuse even my harshest of critics!  It all starts next Friday with a (now) aged rocker, the special Olympics, and some familiar faces from the Mighty Marvel Marching Band!  So until then . . . .

That is all!

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