Friday Funny Pages: Don’t F#%K With Breakfast!


I had another image planned for today but this morning I was scanning a few comics for future installments of Friday Funny Pages and came across the beaut seen above.  These panels come to us from Marvel’s Alpha Flight #18 written by John Byrne with art by Bob Wiacek.  The title of the issue is “How Long Will A Man Lie In The Earth ‘Ere He Rot?” 

Other than that, I don’t think you need any further information about this issue, lest it detract from the image of Alpha Flight’s resident mystic, Shaman, doing battle with a scrambled egg monster.

Next week I’ve got a Don’t F#%k With _____ that many of you may have seen before but is always worth another glance!  So until then . . . .

That is all!


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