Friday Funny Pages: Don’t F#*%K With Shockwave!

Today I have another quick one for you.  I’ve got a job interview this afternoon and I don’t really have a lot of time, so I wanted to use a panel that needs very little explanation.  This week’s image comes to us from the old Marvel days of the Transformers comic books, this is second generation stuff if I’m not mistaken, but beyond that I have no idea where this panel comes from.  (As it turns out I was indeed mistaken.  The name of the issue was Second Generation but this has nothing to do with second generation Transformers stuff. Idiot!)

I found it awhile back while poking around on the Transformers wiki doing some research for my Terrordrome Renovation Project and I thought it was perfect for FFP.  If you’ve never paid a visit to the Transformers wiki, go take a look.  That site is full of some of the funniest one liners I’ve ever read.  It’s nice to see a fandom that doesn’t take itself or its source material completely serious all the time.  Too many fan groups delve into their subject matter with a scholarly discipline that is on the verge of delusion.  At the TFWiki they certainly have all the facts about whatever Transformer toy or cartoon series that you’d ever want to know, but every entry has more than a few heavy handed goofball captions, or mocking running jokes that bounce around between pages.  I’m not a huge Transformers fan, but it’s always amusing just to search around that wiki and skim some of the articles.  (In a correction, I originally called it a wikia, but it’s not.  But I don’t know what the hell the difference is.)  <To learn what the difference is, see the comments section below!>

Anyway I’m pretty sure this single image from the 80’s Transformers Marvel comic inspired the playground scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  (Jokes!)  But this is terrifying, and I’m pretty sure that kid in the picture is a goner.  Them’s the breaks.

This panel has given me an idea though, I think this is going to start a new segment of Friday Funny Pages entitled:  Don’t F#*%K With _____!  Where the next few weeks will focus on characters with whom you should not fuck with.  Yes, I like that idea, that’s what I shall do.  Excellent . . . . .

That is all!

2 comments on “Friday Funny Pages: Don’t F#*%K With Shockwave!

  1. David Robert Jones says:

    Speaking as a former TFWiki editor:

    I’m sure it is very amusing indeed to skim some of the articles. It is not so amusing to actually edit them. From 2009 to early 2011 I was a member of that site. Do you know why I no longer am one? Because I had my IP address banned for removing misinformation from a page.

    I’m sure the usual suspects will soon be on their way to disagree with me, but there you go.

    Also, you make several mistakes in this post : that panel does not come from Generation 2 (though the comic title IS “Second Generation”, which explains how you made that mistake), the kid in question didn’t die, and the difference between a wiki and a Wikia is that Wikia is a company which offers wiki-hosting services.

    • Uh oh! The first shots have been fired and you’ve thrown down your gauntlet! TFWiki editor fight! Go!

      This is the second response I’ve had this week to a Friday Funny Pages post, both correcting me on some statement I’ve made. And both dealing with 80’s cartoons. Apparently I’m just full of all kinds of disinformation myself. Oh well could be worse I suppose. But can’t a guy just share a funny picture?

      As I’ve said before though I’m no Transformers expert, I know just enough to appreciate the franchise. I’ll add a few edits to this post to point out my own idiocy. I checked in on part of the discussion over at your TFWiki forums, where this post was linked, and I know they’ve been calling me everything but retarded for my comments. Ha ha! Oh well, I still think the site is hilarious!

      Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comments. I was glad to learn that the kid makes it away with his life.

      Apparently to increase readership I should start making more false statements. Hmmmm . . . . there’s a parallel to the state of our current media in that somewhere . . . .

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