Friday Funny Pages: Yoda Spit Take




Hello readers, it’s time once again for Friday Funny Pages.  I haven’t posted a blog since last Friday, my apologies for the lack of activity but I’ve been focusing on my current job hunt which has been quite a feat in this dismal economy also the wife and I took a few days to go camping and escape from the disheartening reality of modern living if only for a little over 48 hours.  Now I’m back, somewhat recharged, and ready to bare down and dive back into my regular writing agenda!  So let’s get right to it shall we?

Today’s panel comes to us from the great, and now defunct, Star Wars Tales comic book.  For those who might not know Star Wars Tales was a monthly collection put out by Dark Horse of two or three short stories set in the Star Wars universe.  Generally these stories were not considered canon, rather they were imaginative little vignettes that would explore portions of the movies that went unseen or elaborate on details that were only mentioned in passing during the films.  Many were interesting side-stories and serious explorations of the themes of Star Wars, while others were goofball parodies and comedic asides.  This panel comes to use from the latter category.  This panel is intended to be funny.  The image comes from a story entitled “Force Fiction” written by Kevin Rubio with art by Lucas Marangon.  The setting is a small cafe somewhere on Coruscant shortly after the events of Episode I, where Yoda and Mace Windu are discussing the fate of a certain young Force adept by the name of Skywalker.  This particular spit take comes after Mace determines that he thinks Anakin Skywalker should be given Qui-Gon’s lightsaber and trained as a Jedi.  Yoda isn’t too happy about it, and points out all the reasons why not to train the boy, reasons we as the reader know to be all valid points.  That’s not the point of this story however, for as the two Jedi knights sit quietly eating their lunch a group of raiders suddenly smash through the front of the cafe intent on robbing the place and the story quickly becomes an homage to Pulp Fiction and the iconic scene with Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta in a very similar small dinning establishment (of course I don’t need to remind anyone who plays Mace Windu in Star Wars).

Anyway it’s a funny little Star Wars bit and this image of Yoda taken by surprise is just really amusing to me.  Also if you look closely you will see that Yoda is sitting in the Jedi equivalent of a booster seat.  Good stuff.  If any of you Star Wars fans out there have not made yourselves familiar with the stories in Star Wars Tales I suggest you do so ASAP.  There are a ton of genuinely excellent Star Wars stories throughout the pages, both serious and funny.  Though they aren’t putting out any new books anymore you can get Star Wars tales in trade paperback, there are several volumes available.  At about $20 a pop it’s a worthy investment!  May the Farce be with you!

That is all!

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