Friday Funny Pages: Do You Even Need to Ask?


This week features the spirit of vengeance himself, Ghost Rider.  This panel is taken from the Howard Mackie/Javier Saltares/Mark Texeira run of Ghost Rider, collected in a trade titled Resurrected.  I’ve shown a couple other panels from this trade in past Friday Funny Pages, you might remember the one a few weeks back featuring infanticide?  Check the archives, you can’t miss it. 

This panel is just great, and the thing that makes it great is the exclusion of an exclamation mark and the inclusion of a question mark.  So simple and understated yet with a multitude of humorous possibilites.  What exactly is Ghost Rider questioning?  Is he putting forth the existential ponderance of “what is vengeance?”  or perhaps he’s asking “would you care for some vengeance?” maybe he’s questioning his role as a super hero “I deal in vengeance?” or it could be he just didn’t hear what someone said.  Whatever it is Ghost Rider is questioning this is just one of those panels that I would love to have on a shirt, or find some excuse to post in a forum as my only response to leave other readers dumbfounded.  If you are reading this I encourage you to find some excuse to use this image and deal out some “vengeance?” of your own!

That is all!

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