Friday Funny Pages: Dead Baby Jokes

     Here we are once again, another Friday and another goofball moment from the pages of some of my favorite comic books.  This weeks panels are a bit more morbid than last week.  Maybe my sense of humor is off but I just found these panels really funny, take a look.

     Oh my, indeed!  These panels come from issue #7 of the 90’s run of Ghost Rider, written by Howard Mackie and drawn by Mark Texeira.  In the issue there is actually a panel set between these two but I thought it’d be funnier just to show these two back to back and cut out the “One Hour Later” police scene.  Now maybe I’m just an awful person, but chalk outlines are funny to me, it’s just such a terrible idea.  How would you like to be the rookie cop who has to draw all those outlines?  And a baby chalk outline?  Well . . . .

     Anyway, in the issue the Scarecrow (Marvel’s version of course) escapes from the psyche ward and immediately starts killing people (as seen in the above panels) in order to draw the attention of Captain America.  Unfortunately for him, his spilling of innocent blood brings the Ghost Rider down on him, who beats him up a bit before impaling the Scarecrow on his own pitchfork.  At that his days of killing people and stuffing their bodies with straw are put to an end.  Or are they . . . .

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