Spider-Man? This is my Brand New Day!

Ok so I set this blog up about a year ago now, vowing to myself that I would write here at least once a week because I had grown tired of the hassles often met when using the blog tools on Myspace and other sites.  I thought going to a site dedicated to running blogs might ease my frustration.  However I still used the ol’ Myspace to keep in touch with friends and so rarely visited this newly created blogging space.  Instead of continuing with the problems on Myspace, or starting fresh here, I simply haven’t written anything in several months. 

ALAS however it is a Brand New Day!  Here is where I renew my vow to you and myself to post a new blog on this site at LEAST once a week!  I can’t guarantee that I will have anything worth reading but I’ll do my damndest to write it.  So until I have something more profound to write, let’s go ahead and count this little guy as my entry for this week.  Ah such skill, such eloquence.  Be prepared for more such as this!

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